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TV Studio in a Box

complete TV production gear in a Fly Cases


studio cameras


Broadcast Studio Cameras with shading controls

Fujinon and Canon Lenses

Vinten and Cartonni Pedestals and heads

Sachtler and Libec stativ and heads

TV equipment in a Box

switchers, panels, monitors

All necessary Equipment for fulfil your mission wired, preconfigured and tested before Event. Sony and Blackmagic switchers and panels. SSD recorders, GVG K2 servers, SONY OLED Monitors, A&H Mixing Console, Audiotechnika wireless and microphones.


PTZ cameras system


Pan Tilt and Zoom Robotic camera heads

operated from the state of the art  controller. 

Combined with optical cables, routers, switchers, monitors and recorders.


not only to YouTube

Our experienced team can stream your Event

not only to ordinary platform like a YouTube, Twitch, Facebook.

But we can send a SRT stream to stream to SDI video transcoder  with less than blink of the eye delay.

And Yes, we can do that magic without a cable too. :)

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